About Us

Talent is of supreme importance. No matter what the job description, enterprises and organizations all over the world always seek the best. And they deserve it too. However, location and reaching out to the best people in every field is no mean task. It takes a lot of effort, diligent research and  perseverance.


This is where Peoplesolutions Management comes in. Being a specialized executive search firm, a business that serves a select, sophisticated and specialized array of clients, Peoplesolutions Management offers human resource solutions in the executive search and headhunting for the Aerospace, Real Estate, Shipping and Oil & Commodities Trading Industries. We understand these industries require talented executives to keep it running successfully. This is why, we invest a lot of time, money and efforts in searching and selecting talented professionals for these sectors.


We completely understand the necessity and difficulty in finding the right talent. That is why, we have crafted a personalized and yet professional approach for meeting and fulfilling your appetite for talents.  Our motto revolves around doing more than what is expected of us in the course of our services. We believe  and take pride in  exceeding the expectations of our clients.


We go about our business by employing a panel of consultants who are professionally trained and extremely experienced in these industries. Majority of our consultants possess over twenty years of experience in executive search and recruitment, and human resources management in the industry.


At Peoplesolutions Management, we are confident about the quality of the work we offer. We have been at this for years now, and are grateful for the opportunities that came our way and with each passing year, we continuously improve our processes and services to our clients. Our work has a double-edged benefit – we help enterprises find the right talent for their executive needs, and simultaneously, we also help the talented professionals find the right job, and ultimately, the right career path. And our clientele’s satisfaction is our greatest reward.