Executive Search

Asian Woman HandshakeOur Executive Search Services focus on middle to senior recruitment. We primarily attend to talented individuals who are passive and aren’t in search of other options. We provide executive search as these talented candidates need to be encouraged and convinced that the opportunity offered is the most suitable.


We follow a practical and tactful search process which takes time and in-depth understanding of the client’s business, also taking in the other prerequisites such as business competition, industry expansion, financial and strategic direction related to the market, employment needs and so on.


The search is designed as follows:

–  Various assignments and discussions conducted. Focusing on the requirements of the client, several factors are discussed such as the expertise, management qualities, experience, personality, whether travelling is required, the salary package offered, bonuses, the prospective candidate’s profile, the type of industry expected and so on.


–  Competing industries and those with matching job profiles are outlined.


–  All the candidates that have been outlined and updated and consulted with for accurate details. The prospective candidates are shortlisted after thorough interview session and discussions. The list of selected candidate is handed to the client.


–  Further discussion and interview is conducted between the client and shortlisted candidates. Candidates will be informed of the interview outcome.


The qualified candidate who has successfully cleared the interview with clients are provided with the salary package, packages and allowed scope for negotiation. We managed the successful candidate until he/she joins the client.