The Company

UntitledWho we are


At Peoplesolutions Management, we engage  in providing executive search and headhunting solutions in the aerospace, real estate and shipping sectors. We help organizations in their search for the most talented and suitable candidates.



What we do


Over the years, we have managed to craft out a methodology that enables us to recruit the best in the industry to fulfill the need for talent acquisitions from our clients.  Our approach is always simple and personalized, yet extremely professional that has given us  successful results.



About our team


Our team has over twenty years of experience in executive search and recruitment. They are all qualified professionals in their own right, and have built a solid, successful career, mutual trust and respect over these years.


At Peoplesolutions Management, we are certain of the fact that the quality of the talent acquisition services we offer will never be compromised.  Our consultants are highly motivated and committed in their work. There is no better motivation than that of our satisfied clients.



What we offer


Our range of services includes –